As a team, we respect one another and all individuals that we come in contact with. We believe that humanity and learning are essential to growth. We pursue our work with honesty and sincerity. We do and say things from the heart and wish well to all those around us.


Our firm is built on the pillars of diligence, persistence, and commitment. Since it is results that eventually matter, we cultivate a "Do Whatever It Takes" attitude in all our team members so the job gets done right, to the highest standards and within the committed timelines.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of Bangladesh's pre-eminent interior design and build firms, offering our clients an unmatched spectrum of premium services with a pointed focus on exceptional quality, service consistency and design innovation. We aim to raise the bar and remain at the cutting edge of our industry.

Our Believe

Whether its honesty and sincerity or diligence and persistence, our talented team of interior decorators, architects and interior designers share organizational values and principles, along with a common vision of PS Solution. As a company, our skilled team is our biggest asset and we believe in investing in all members of our team, to help them achieve their maximum potential. Our premium interior design services are backed by over a Half decade of industry experience and the unique expertise of our staff. In our pursuit of excellence, we push the boundaries of interior design each and every day.
In the case of residential interior design, we focus on luxury, comfort and practicality, while keeping in mind the clients’ requirements and the latest international trends. Our aim is to create visually stunning spaces, which not only fulfil our clients’ requirements but also exceed their expectations.
When dealing with commercial interior design, our clients’ budgets and timelines are given utmost importance. Our endeavor is to present the brand image to clients and staff in a positive way, and to create a healthy, functional and comfortable working atmosphere that is bright and user friendly.
What some interior designing firms tend to forget is that their clients’ requirements need to be at the centre of every design; something we keep in mind. At every stage, due consideration is given to our clients’ requirements, their unique taste, their budget and most importantly, their timelines.

Team Members

Dan Gillmorl

Ar. Prince Kumar Shil

Head of Interior Designer

As CEO, Mr. Prince has more than Seven years of firsthand industry experience in the field of interior design, interior construction and customer relations. He successfully accomplished his graduation from Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka also He did his Masters in Interior Design from Shanta Mariam University. He leads a diverse team of dedicated professionals with expertise in a wide range of specialties. In addition to systems building and hands-on training, he is also involved in daily project management and client servicing. Under his able leadership, our firm advances in its unceasing pursuit of excellence.

Steven Fabre

Ar. Sumon Mia

Sr. Interior Designer

He is a visionary designer with an ability to effortlessly conceive elegant concepts and then translate them into functional and inspiring spaces. With over five years of design experience in luxury residential and commercial interiors across continents, he gracefully fuses international design and luxury with Bangladeshi pragmatism. He believes that in order to achieve a successful result, the client’s needs must always remain at the very center of all design concepts. His management style brings a fluid energy and vibrancy to the studio. In constantly pushing boundaries, he challenges herself and inspires his teams to excel in the many nuances of design and detailing.

John Doe

M Shajahan Sharif


With more than eight years long career span in marketing, his work profile encapsulates a multidisciplinary backdrop on different projects to create excellence like magic. His visionary creative and project management solutions are supported by his ever developing strategic thinking. As the Chief Consultant, Sharif’s objective is to add value, raise standards and remain keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends. And of course create new dimensions in the industry towards perusing greater possibilities.

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