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About US

PS Solution is the one of the top Interior Design and Exterior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide wide-ranging and complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design rudiments to complete the project. We are specialized interior and exterior design for Residence, Office, Hospital, Bank, Showroom, Pavilion, Outlet, Resort, Eco-Resort, Hotel, Fountain and Landscaping. Our highly talented interior designers & Engineers could implement your dream and we can ensure that our team can always be relied upon to create outstanding designs with a stunning way. PS Solution is interior design and build solutions which provides complete integration of design, project management, and on-site execution. When choosing our contracting services, our clients receive the distinct benefits of a single point of accountability through the course of the project – from concept development to hand over. Our Interior design & execution teams are thoroughly trained in efficient and quality-oriented construction practices, resulting in an excellent finish, and meticulous attention to detail. Our efficient project management ensures that both costing estimation and construction scheduling are initiated early in the design process. This allows budgets and designs to be developed simultaneously ensuring adherence to both cost parameters as well as timelines.

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Why PS Solution?


PS Solution is well known for its thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to details, quality and finishing. Our spaces are well planned, beautifully detailed and built to last.


Because PS Solution is turn-key, every process from design through to execution is fast tracked. The result is not only market leading quality, but also project delivery times that are as less as half that of the competition.


PS Solution will handle your entire project from start to finish. No need to co-ordinate between the designers, various contracting teams and vendors. PS Solution will manage it all for you and you will be consistently updated.


With over Half Decade of experience in the field of residential and commercial interior design and contracting, PS Solution is suitably equipped to handle a wide array of projects. With us you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


PS Solution is a one-stop shop for every commercial or residential interior design requirement. PS Solution is turnkey. This means that we are a complete interior design solution provider, for both design and execution.


The previous experience has taught us how to come up with the best design at a very competitive price. Throughout the previous years, we have reduced operational and other costs so we can offer affordable design without compromising with the quality.


“I would like to thank entire PS Solution team for the excellent work done during my house renovation. Was really impressed with the design process and the customization to my needs. Given my personal experience, I would strongly recommend PS Solution for future projects.”
Jennifer A
Satisfied Residential Customer 1:
PS Solution is the best decision we made for the house. Speaking about the team, they're just superb. they all know and are very confident about what they're doing keeping your choices too in mind. they gave us full support in selecting every part of the house. From lights to tiles to colors and the list goes on. Mr. Prince himself is excellent and his art of work. he fully satisfied us with our imaginations for the house. They've done full justice to the house. Thank You very much PS Solution.
John Doe
Satisfied Residential Customer 2:
I visited my office after renovation, and was very pleasantly surprised to see the end product. PS Solution team have done an excellent job. Considering the huge constrains put by the society on working conditions besides the space available to you, I am Very Happy and Satisfied with the work.
Dos Santos
Satisfied Corporate Customer 3:
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